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Why choose a boxer?

When choosing a breed, we are guided by several factors: character, size, temperament, coat length, and so on, and the boxer fits these criteria perfectly. It is ideal for an apartment and a house, but not suitable for living on the street. It is an ideal dog for a family with children and as a companion dog. This is an excellent guard, faithful and devoted friend, who absolutely adores and loves children.

The boxer has a strong nervous system, is very self-confident & energetic with a cheerful character, and smart and easy to train. The males stand tall at around 57-63 cm, and the females are 53-59 cm. The boxer has a strong backbone, the muscles are dense and highly developed. The color of the boxer is usually red or brindle, with a darker face area and slight white markings possible. The eyes are dark, deep set, the expression of the eyes is energetic and intelligent.

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